Life 2.0: The Home Run

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Chronicle #25. This week Petter Egge found himself crying in front of a class full of professional actors.

At the beginning of this week, I found myself crying (again!) in front of a class of professional actors at a seminar at the American Film Institute. I wasn’t dreaming, and I didn’t just go to the wrong school that morning. No – this amateur actor with barely six months of experience was hired to teach a class for working actors.

How? Well, I guess it pays off to be a good student sometimes. Or; due to the excessive crying described in previous posts, my acting teacher found me useful as a freak attraction for his SAG (actors union) students at AFI. In any case, I got a full day of acting classes with «real» actors and a free lunch, so I don’t even mind why I was there.

Obviously, that wasn’t enough for one day, so I went straight to Malibu to work some hours as a model on the beach in what turned out to be a «James-Bond-out-of-the-water»-style photo shoot. The awkwardness was undeniable as I posed for a photographer shouting «be as bad-ass as you can!» and «give me that sexy look!» – seeing I have quite limited experience as James Bond.

But I cannot lie – any awkwardness was evened out by the excitement of being the man every guy on the planet wishes to be for a day.

Maybe I have a little bit too much on my mind these days due to midterm exams, film projects and homework piling up – but most likely it’s just me; this Tuesday I literally forgot that I was supposed to go to school. Instead, I had booked a martial arts private lesson that day – so I wandered into the building at one o’clock like nothing was wrong, where a classmate shouts «why are you not in class?!!» in my face.

So I followed her, tail between legs, into the classroom – but when I got there I started fighting with my teacher. My classmates did not recognize me, neither did I – so I asked myself «who have I become this last week?» And I found that the answer was rather who I hadn’t have enough of. At least, that martial arts class came in handy to blow off some steam.

Thus, I had to touch home base for a while – literally and figuratively. To me, nothing is more like home than the smell of fresh, baked bread – so now was definitely the time to save myself with that good old Egge recipe.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (on which I do not object) – but when living on opposites sides of the earth, it also goes through Facebook. At a time of need like this, I had to use all channels – resulting in nostalgic music filling the kitchen, flour and loaves everywhere, and the keys on my mac being covered in dough.

Though I am a proud European, I must admit that I have never given a horse’s behind for soccer. But when Manchester United pays a visit to the Rose Bowl Stadium in LA, even I have to go see LA Galaxy get crushed to the most embarrassing degree.

So I did, with the other soccer–starved Europeans here. And the fact remains; Americans know their football – but when the ball is round, it has to end like this Wednesday when Man U beat LA Galaxy 7-0. I had only one beer, but still I was truly entertained by a game that usually bores me.

After a completely awesome pool party with my dearest friends on Saturday night, my week’s surprises had apparently still not finished with me.

Sunday gave me one of the most intense emotional experiences of my whole life. The details will remain untold, but the feeling was as if someone punched a hole in my chest, grabbed my heart, squeezed and twisted it until I kneeled and burst out in tears – and kept squeezing till I had no more tears left in my entire body.

Believe it or not, what I am describing is a good feeling – but so good that it’s too much to handle, so it breaks the scale and turns into pain. Good pain…if that is at all graspable for any others than the person who performed this heart-to-heart maneuver.

To me, this proves once again, that what matters in life is not that taste of success or honor I had by assisting my teacher at an actor’s academy, or that taste of «fame» from posing for the camera like a star.

What took me to the top of happiness this week, was simply a human relation. This week was already brimful of excitement, still this topped it all by far – so this one goes out as a thank you to that person for grounding me.

Life 2.0 is one of Khrono’s blogs, and will be presented with new blogposts every week. Petter Egge is a former student from HiOA and journalist at He has decided to do something quite different. This is his stories.

July 23th 2014:
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July 17th 2014:
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or Crying Out Load 

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July 9th 2014:
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July 2th 2014:
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This week started with a Q and A session with casting director Chris Devane, which might be described as a rather tough start.

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June 17th 2014:
Chronicle #20: The Circle of Life

Ok, this is a hard one, folks. So please bear with me. This week, I circled halfway around the earth to catch the circle of life at its closure.

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June 10th 2014:
Chronicle #19: Back to business

Life 2.0 - the chronicles of an emerging actor facing Hollywood: After a really nice visitor, the company has left and Petter Egge is feeling a different kind of alone.

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June 3th 2014:
Chronicle #18: The Life of the Party

After one week off from school Khronos blogger Petter Egge is heading for semester two at the New York Film Academy in Hollywood.

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May 20th 2014:
Chronicle #17: The Life of the Party

This week, I got a whole new understanding of the fact that I now live and breathe the LA-life.

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May 15th 2014:
Chronicle #16: The Leap From Sanity 

After San Francisco, the way back to reality was just a little too short. From a weekend in heaven, I hit the ground in a pile of papers to write, finals coming up, and most of all – our final showcase at the Victory Theatre.

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May 8th 2014:
Chronicle #15: The Escape 

This week I thought I was up for an easy ride. Not many film projects in sight, and a long–awaited trip to my favorite city San Francisco – where I left my soul when leaving UC Berkeley two years ago.

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April 29th 2014:
Chronicle #14: The Aftermath

No journalists called me this week, and my phone has slowly managed to find peace; now it is only buzzing about twice as much as before Ellen (yes, there will forever be a «before» and «after Ellen» now). The number of followers on Instagram has eventually stabilized, and though my twitter profile is more busy with visitors and followers than ever before, the threat of an explosion seems to cease.

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April 23th 2014:
Chronicle #13: The Tribute

Out of his good heart Petter helped a person on the street, and suddenly life turned around for a couple of days. When this week started, I was at the bottom of a deep valley, weighed down under a number of concerns. The ones about my economy had already bothered me for months, as frequent readers would already know, but now my worries included another area of much bigger importance.

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April 16th 2014:
Chronicle #12: When words do not suffice

There are times, even for a writer
when written words become empty signs
Times when a writer don’t want to write
cause there’s too much between the lines

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April 9th 2014: 
Chronicle #11: «
The School of Life»

Life is a funny little thing. It is for sure a trembling rollercoaster, but also a splash of water in your face and missing ground under your feet. It has its ways – mysterious, inscrutable – of surprising me, not just when I thought I had it all together, but even more often when I’m already out of balance.

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April 2th 2014: 
Chronicle #10: «
The Decennium»

From waking up scared of an earthquake, to not take notice at all. So: I’m happy to announce that I might already be a real Californian.

The whole chronicle #10 here.

Mars 25th 2014: 
Chronicle #9: «The Wake Up Call

They say you’re not a real Californian until you no longer notice the earthquakes. This week started with something of a wake up call. As mentioned in previous posts, sleep is quite limited for me over here due to lack of time. That one night when I finally managed to enter deeply into those psychedelic lands of dreams at the right time, with no alarm set for the next morning – THE EARTH decided to shake me out of bed at 6:25 AM with a 4.4 magnitude earthquake.

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Mars 18th 2014: 
Chronicle #8: «So You Think You Can Act

Do you know how to walk? No, you don’t. Can you sit, crawl, or lie down? No, you can’t.  You can’t even lift your arm up in front of you. I know you can’t believe it – neither could I. But every day here, I am proven wrong.

The whole chronicle #8 here.

Mars 11th 2014: 
Chronicle #7: «The walk of Shame

Ever had the feeling that your duties seem to pass by like a super fast train and you just can’t catch up with it for the life of you?

The whole chronicle #7 here.

Mars 4th 2014: 
Chronicle #6: «Teaser»

I was a journalist, a gymnast and a musician. I had everything I needed – except what I wanted. Thats why I decided to quit my job, say goodbye to my friends and family, and leave for acting school in Hollywood. The Video presented in this blog is a small taste of what life has been like the first few weeks.

Here you can see the video-blog.

Feb. 25th 2014: 
Chronicle #5: «In a cold sweat

For a guy who has lived all his life by the rules and routines of a gymnastics regime, there is no doubt that life here is a tad more divergent. Having nothing to do at one moment is just as shockingly unfamiliar as it is to run from a film shoot to my roommates’ baptism in the next. At any point earlier in my life, the degree of variation stretched from sleeping, through eating and practice, to toilet visits, school and back to sleep. The circle of life has definitely taken a new shape.

The whole chronicle #5 here.

Feb. 18th 2014: 
Chronicle #4: «The Proposal and the V

Real life, as we will know it the next eight months (though dreamy it may still seem to me), is about to blossom. As the hassle of settling down slowly dies out, challenges of school is coming to life, growing over the heads of its students.

The whole chronicle #4 here.

Feb. 11th 2014: 
Chronicle #3: «
Life’s a like a box of chocolate»

As we still can’t seem to get friendly with our apartment (at least our rent), it took my roommate and me no more than three days to decide to move out again. Already stretching our comfort zone with one bedroom, we are now downgrading to NO bedroom.

The whole chronicle #3 here.

Feb. 8th 2014: 
Chronicle #2: 
Move-in Day and monologues

When gas, water, power and insurance companies got back in to business on Monday morning, Murphy’s law did the same; what could go wrong – well, you know. For the landlord to let us move in, they needed confirmation letters faxed from all of the above – which should be no problem, since we asked them all to do so when opening our new accounts. After half a day of waiting by an empty fax machine, we dared to call them back with a friendly reminder – only to discover that they’d forgotten all about us. When they eventually faxed it, only one name was on the paper – and we’d really prefer that both of us could move in. 

The whole chronicle #2 here.

Feb. 5th 2014: 
Chronicle #1: 
«I need a dollar, dollar is what I need»

Ok, just to make it clear right away: I am NOT a blogger. Since the dawn of the blogosphere, my prejudices have kept me far away from its kind. But as we all know, the first unwritten rule of a struggling actor in Hollywood is that «Everyone must accept some kind of prostitution in order to survive up until the big breakthrough.» So, I could have fulfilled the stereotype of waiting tables between my auditions, or I could do a «Sylvester Stallone» – but instead I am now spreading trivialities about my still-to-be famous self. Oh, the irony.

The whole chronicle #1 here.


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