Life 2.0

Returnert. Petter Egge reiste til Los Angeles for å realisere den største av alle amerikanske drømmer: Å bli oppdaget i Hollywood.  
Chronicle #33. Petter Egge has graduated from the New York Film Academy in Hollywood. This is his last blog for now, but not the end of Life 2.0.  
Chronicle #32. Petter Egge is soon at the end of his studies to be an actor in Hollywood. 
Chronicle #31. This week started with one of the few days a year where all Americans are actually allowed to skip work; Labor Day. As I’m both Norwegian and a non-working actor, that didn’t really apply to me. 
Chronicle #30. It’s not always a success to pretend that you are prepared, when the opposite is the thruth. 
Chronicle #29. This week I starred in five film projects in seven days. 
Chronicle #28. This week started with the shooting of my final scene – in other words, probably the most important day of this whole school year.  
Chronicle #27. Hard lessons in Hollywood: Believe it or not – one of the things I devote most time to these days, is learning how to stick my tongue out, fully relaxed, so I can shake it from side to side hanging out of my mouth. Who wouldn’t want to learn that? 
Chronicle #26. Though quite a lot happened this week, including a couple of film shoots and a lot of script reading, I feel that the time has come to devote an entire post to my roommate. 
Chronicle #25. This week Petter Egge found himself crying in front of a class full of professional actors.  
Chronicle #24. There is no secret that there are many obstacles for a young, naïve man who goes to Hollywood to search for gold as an amateur actor.  
Chronicle #23. Before acting school, I couldn’t even remember the last time I cried.  
Chronicle #22. While I was already on that wave from last Sunday, I started this week with some hours in the gymnastics gym.  
Chronicle #21. This week started with a Q and A session with casting director Chris Devane, which might be described as a rather tough start. 
Chronicle #20. Ok, this is a hard one, folks. So please bear with me. This week, I circled halfway around the earth to catch the circle of life at its closure. 
Chronicle #19. Life 2.0 - the chronicles of an emerging actor facing Hollywood: After a really nice visitor, the company has left and Petter Egge is feeling a different kind of alone. 
Chronicle #18. After one week off from school Khronos blogger Petter Egge is heading for semester two at the New York Film Academy in Hollywood. 
Chronicle #17. This week, I got a whole new understanding of the fact that I now live and breathe the LA-life.  
Chronicle #16. After San Francisco, the way back to reality was just a little too short. From a weekend in heaven, I hit the ground in a pile of papers to write, finals coming up, and most of all – our final showcase at the Victory Theatre. 
Chronicle #15. This week I thought I was up for an easy ride. Not many film projects in sight, and a long–awaited trip to my favorite city San Francisco – where I left my soul when leaving UC Berkeley two years ago.